1. Eva Zavrl (PhD Student)

Eva started her bachelor degree at University of Ljubljana (UL) at Faculty of Civil Engineering focusing on Heat Transfer through Structural Complexes. She continued her Master degree at Denmark’s Technical University, where she continued studies at the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. Most of the time she was involved in courses from ICIEE (International Centre for Indoor Environment and Energy) on topic of Building Energy Analysis, Ventilation and Climatic Systems and Indoor Climate. Her Master thesis title was Control of Airflow Interaction around Seated Human Body with Focus on Exposure to Bio-effluents and Thermal Comfort. Eva is now a Ph. D. student on Environmental protection working at UL – Faculty of Mechanical Engineering.

HEART is an ambitious project and its goals are strongly needed in the area of building energy retrofit. HEART aims to fix inefficient synergy of the new innovative energy efficient solutions. Moreover, the HEART deals with involving people to the buildings performance and motivating them to act environmentally friendly. As a researcher, I will help to update the intervention context, constraints and opportunities based on buildings retrofit market. Additionally, I will help with integrated optimization of the whole system and separate components with phase change materials and with components for heat generation, emission and storage.

2. Uros Stritih (Associate Professor)

Uroš finished his Ph. D. study in co-operation with ITW Stuttgart with the title Heat Transfer Enhancement at Phase Change Processes. His postdoctoral project was in cooperation with University of Lleida – Spain and completed in 2004 on topic of Technologies for Storing Thermal Energy at Macro and Micro Level. At present he is the head of Laboratory for heating, sanitary and solar technology and air conditioning. He teaches the courses at UL titled Building service Engineering, Rational Energy use, Air conditioning, Preventive Conservation 2 and Technical Thermodynamics 1. Through the years Uroš actively cooperated on international projects on EPBD and H2020. He is also Slovenian delegate in IEA-ECES.

HEART project focuses on improving energy efficiency in the building sector and aims to develop, test and validate a holistic and multi-technological integrated and interconnected system for the deep rehabilitation of residential buildings. As a person in charge and a head of the Laboratory for Heating Sanitary and Solar Technology and Air-conditioning I will co-ordinate work between co-ordinator Politecnico di Milano (POLIMI) and a partner University of Ljubljana – Faculty of Mechanical Engineering (UL-FME) in the context of HEART project data management as well as experimental and numerical work at specific work packages in on-going project.

3. Rok Koželj