1. Ángela Llamas Delgado (Building Engineer)

Building Engineer with a Masters’ in Building Sustainability. She has been involved in various FP7 and H2020 R&D projects jointly with national funded projects on sustainable innovations in architecture and materials. During her professional career she matured an international experience working in several countries in Europe. She coordinated the FP7 project VIP4ALL that was completed successfully.

The HEART project aims at creating a novel multifunctional, durable, easy to install interconnected system for residential building refurbishment. One of the main impacts of the novel HEART system will be reducing energy consumption by up to 90%.

2. Susana Garcia Rama (Managing Director)

Managing Director of Construcciones Garcia Rama. She holds a degree in Business Administration and is currently a chairwoman and associated of several business groups related with the improvement and promotion of the building sector, encouraging collaborative development, training and transferring R&D results within its members businesses with other innovative agents to face future challenges. Her important role in the region will be decisive for settings the grounds for future collaboration with local and regional public authorities. She has been involved in the project management development and technology transfer, including R&D projects in the framework of FP7, H2020 and national funded projects.

The HEART project will develop a comprehensive system for residential buildings including improving the performance on building envelopes, HVAC systems, photovoltaic panels, and ICT control, all integrated in the same solution to improve energy efficiency and therefore reducing energy consumption.

3. Jorge García Rama (Director of Engineering Department and technical manager of the R&D activities)

Director of Engineering Department and technical manager of the R&D activities. The main expert of the company involved in the project. He participates in the development of technical solutions of the thermal envelope systems commercialized by the company as well as new innovative building solutions projects. He has broad experience in energy efficient materials and building thermal simulation. His contribution and experience in the field of refurbishment is fundamental to establish the constraints and requirements as well as the possible future technical solution for the future product.

HEART will be an affordable system for retrofitting in the residential building sector where the end user will find that not only the home comfort has improved but also and more importantly will get considerable energy savings.

4. Humberto García Rama (Company Production Manager)

is production manager of the company. He is the person in charge of testing new innovative solutions in a real environment. His participation on the project is decisive especially when planning the needs of installation, assembly and final use.

While today’s ordinary energy refurbishment interventions on residential buildings are generally achieving energy consumption improvements of less than 50% and being complex to act in all building energy systems as a whole, HEART will ease those interventions creating a user-friendly interface that will lead to the identification of the optimal retrofit solution at different levels achieving 90% of energy saving on heating, cooling and DHW.