1. Mohamed El Mankibi (Research Director)

Mohamed El Mankibi is a Research Director/professor at ENTPE/university of Lyon (France) member of LTDS Laboratory of Ecole Central of Lyon. He has a PhD degree (Hybrid Ventilation control strategies design and assessment) and the accreditation to direct and manage research (equ Tenure). He is the manager and Supervisor of building related courses of ENTPE and Co-creator and Co-manager of a “Green Building” Master degree. Highly evolved in ENTPE Green and Low Impact Buildings design and optimization program, he has two major fields of research: one is related to the dynamic simulation of thermal and aeraulic phenomena in buildings, the other is related to the development multi-objective optimization. El Mankibi also has spent one year as invited researcher at the University of Colorado at Boulder and recently invited for one year as researcher by Concordia University of Montreal and has been involved in 8 tasks of the International Energy Agency (ECES and ECBCS programs). He has taken part to 8 national research projects as coordinator or partner and 4 European/International projects. He has developed several original models and experimental devices and initiated and led partnerships with the building industry.

Heart aims at achieving a significant breakthrough in the field existing building retrofit. Within the frame work of an original and innovative idea based on a systemic a holistic approach, sixteen partners from eleven European countries are gathering their efforts and expertise to develop and implement methodology and tools that will positively upset construction process if adopted by the stakeholders.

2. Myriam Bahrar (Postdoctoral Researcher)

Myriam BAHRAR graduated in civil engineering from the Mohammadia School of Engineering in Morocco in 2012.She received a Master of sciences in civil engineering. materials and structures in their environment in 2014 from Ecole Centrale de Nantes, France. Afterwards, she commenced her PhD research in the laboratory LTDS at ENTPE/ENISE/Ecole Central of Lyon, France. Her thesis project was focused on the development of multifunctional building envelope elements in order to improve thermal comfort and energy efficiency of new constructions or the renovation of existing buildings. Her thesis work focused on experimental characterization and envelope model development.

The project aims at enhancing the energy efficiency and encouraging energy savings in the building sector. Heart will develop, test and validate a holistic approach that involves different subcomponents (ICT, BEMS, HVAC, BIPV and Envelope Technologies) together for deep rehabilitation of residential buildings. The project will provide a holistic optimization across all the Retrofit planning. As part of ENTPE team, I will participate in the 4 fields of HEART: Envelope, systems, PV’s and Optimization.


3.Yousra Laaroussi (PhD Student)

Yousra Laaroussi is a PhD Student at ENTPE/university of Lyon (France). She leads her research work in collaboration with the Laboratory of Tribology and Dynamics of Systems at ENTPE and ETTE at Faculty of Science and Techniques of Tangier (Morocco). Her thesis project focuses on the evaluation of occupant behavior and its impact on building energy performance.The project combines different aspects of experimental measurements, data analytics and energy simulations. Yousra graduated in civil engineering from the Faculty of Science and Techniques in Tangier (Morocco) in 2016, and performed her master’s Internship at ENTPE on the development of multi-functional building envelope elements.


4. Mike Coillot (PhD Student)

Mike Coillot is a PhD student at ENTPE/University of Lyon (France) member of LTDS Laboratory of Ecole Central of Lyon. He’s holding a master degree of the Universities of Toulouse and Grenoble in the fields of building energy and physics. He’s working on an innovative window solution for historic buildings renovation. His objective is to provide a simplified and accurate numerical tool modeling an active double window. This tool has to take on board thermal and aeraulic transfers and also interactions with the rest of the building. The approach is as well numerical through a multiphysical model as experimental through an ambitious and multiscale measurements campaigns while considering indoor comfort is as much important as energetic performances to find suitable and sustainable solutions for users.

5. José Carlos Frutos Dordelly (Postdoctoral Researcher)

José Carlos Frutos Dordelly is a Mexican PhD student at ENTPE/University of Lyon (France). He has a Master’s degree in Energy, fluids and optics and two engineering degrees from the University of Nuevo Leon, Mexico (UANL) and the INSA Rouen, France. He is currently in last year of PhD, working on the optimization of a renewable technology for passive ventilation by integration of an energy storage solution. M. Frutos has been involved in different conferences and presentations, varying from the 6th CONACYT symposium for renewable energies (organization that issues his PhD scholarship) to the 2017 Solar World Congress in Abu Dhabi.