Ingrid Paoletti


Ingrid Paoletti is an associate professor in the Technology of Architecture at the Politecnico di Milano. She has a PhD in Building Technology from Milan’s Polytechnic University and was an associated researcher at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. She is the founder of the research group in theorical and design experimentation Material Balance, where se is involved in innovative technologies and materials for the development of a new and responsible material culture. She is a deputy rector for Expo Dubai 2020 and she is Vice President of the Fondazione Politecnico. She is a partner with various International Universities, including KTH, KDAK and Gloknos Center. Her books include: L’innovazione consapevole (Maggioli 2012), Advanced Customization in Architectural Design and Construction (con R. Naboni, Springer 2015), Material Balance: A Design Equation (Springer 2020) and Siate Materialisti! (Einaudi 2021).


Sustainability; Climate Change; Innovation; Technology; Environment; Ecology; Materials; Resilient Communities; Eco Design; Bio Based Materials; Green Buildings; Digital Technologies; Circular Economy; Future Trends; Green Technologies for Buildings; Sustainable Architecture: Acoustic Architecture; Façade Design; Innovation in Green Buildings; Waste Materials; Rehabilitation of Buildings; Sound Design; Textile Architecture; Material Balance; Mass Cutomisation