Towards a Decarbonized Building Sector

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Towards a Decarbonized Building Sector

Brussels, 11/06/2019

Could Social Housing Be the First to Decarbonize?

According to European Commission estimates, almost 75% of Europe’s building stock is currently energy inefficient, and the renovation rate ranges from just 0.4 to 1.2%, depending on the country. Yet minimizing energy consumption on buildings – and indeed, developing nearly-zero energy buildings (nZEBs) and positive-energy (or ‘smart’) buildings that can interact with the grid – is central to Europe’s climate and energy policy, and essential for meeting ambitious targets for 2030 and beyond.

Deep renovation of Europe’s building stock is necessary to reach ambitious climate change targets. But the reality is that “business models and solutions are not entirely there yet, in terms of cost and quality,” says Sébastien Garnier, innovation and project manager at Housing Europe, a representative network of social and public housing organizations. Housing Europe, along with 15 other partners gathered together in the Horizon 2020-funded HEART project consortium, is aiming to develop a new holistic approach to deep renovation using cloud-based decision support systems. Sounds hi-tech, but Garnier says: “in the end, it’s all about the people.”

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Scaling Up Deep Energy Retrofit Markets towards 2030 Targets

HEART, along with six other Horizon 2020 projects have organized a session to discuss the way forward on energy retrofitting of buildings. The session will be hosted as part of EU Sustainable Energy Week 2019, where the discussion will look at deep retrofitting and how this industry can contribute to long term sustainability goals.
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The HEART Concept

The core of HEART is a cloud-based computing platform that includes decision-making and energy management features. The HEART toolkit thus becomes the heart of a building, regulating its energy consumption and energy flow.
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The HEART Glossary

Glossary: The Future of Smart Energy Homes – in 32 Words

HEART partners Housing Europe created a glossary of terms used in the context of smart energy homes, and in HEART specifically:
"This glossary of terms is intended to help you understand some important technical terms in the dynamic field of deep retrofit technologies used currently in the EU. After all, no real innovation may leave its own users, the people, behind."
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HEART Project Updates 

Demonstration Cases

The HEART toolkit will be applied to two demonstration cases, one in France and one in Italy. The HEART consortium has officially started working on the refurbishment of these buildings. 
More About Demo Cases

Knowledge Transfer Conference

The first HEART Knowledge Transfer Conference and Stakeholder Workshop was organized by partner EURAC in November 2018 at their Bolzano, Italy campus. The conference was attended by HEART consortium partners, along with stakeholders, such as architects and designers, cyber security specialists and housing providers. 
Event Details and Materials

Reports and Publications

The HEART consortium has successfully released a number of reports and documents showcasing the project's progress. Most recently, a report highlighting the current market context in Italy, France, Spain, and Slovenia was published. 
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For HEART technical details:

Dr. Claudio Del Pero
Politecnico di Milano
t. +39 349 8571920
For HEART communications:

Hadil Ayoub
Communication Assistant | REVOLVE
t. +32 2 318 39 84

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under grant agreement No 768921.

HEART: A toolkit for measuring, tracking, and increasing energy efficiency in buildings is in the making.

HEART: A toolkit for measuring, tracking, and increasing energy efficiency in buildings is in the making. 1024 531 admin_heart
The First HEART Newsletter: HEART Spring 2018 Edition
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HEART: A toolkit for measuring, tracking, and increasing energy efficiency in buildings is in the making.
Discover the HEART project!
To achieve HEART's goals, 16 partners from 10 different countries are working together for the next four years:
Image from the partner meeting that took place on Feb 26-27 in Lyon, France, hosted by our partner ENTPE Lyon.
Learn more about our partners!
Introducing our Work
Scientific and Administrative Management:
These activities aim to support the work of a trans-disciplinary team in order to adapt different technologies according to a holistic logic.This work will ensure the project's administrative management. Learn more.
Continuous Update of the Intervention Context, Constraints and Opportunities:
Progressively update the features of the HEART geographic, energy, regulatory and technological application context and of all its boundary conditions, including the economic and regulatory issues. Learn more.
Hear it from the experts!
What do our partners say about HEART?
Darla Grey

Niccolò Aste - Project Coordinator

"The global climate change challenge may be won only by radically rethinking our energy system. One of the most critical aspects of this endeavor is represented by our buildings’ consumptions – heating, cooling, and electricity – making up for about 40% of Europe’s total energy budget. The EU’s recent energy policies aim at realizing nearly zero energy buildings; however, the greatest weight of the energy share is due to existing buildings whose low efficiencies risk becoming unsustainable. It is thus utterly important to devise building stock retrofit strategies able to produce concrete solutions effective at a large scale. The project HEART aims at realizing the transformation of existing buildings into nZEBs through multi-technological synergistic systems in which building envelop and technical plants closely interact to guarantee at the same time the highest levels of efficiency and economical convenience and comfort for tenants. The second challenge I will face in the next years is to coordinate with the same effectiveness the multidisciplinary team that supports the project and to adequately value the contribution of all the project’s partners."
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Justin Greene

Uros Stritith - Associate Professor

“HEART project focuses on improving energy efficiency in the building sector and aims to develop, test and validate a holistic and multi-technological integrated and interconnected system for the deep rehabilitation of residential buildings. As a person in charge and ahead of the Laboratory for Heating Sanitary and Solar Technology and Air-conditioning I will coordinate work between co-ordinator Politecnico di Milano (POLIMI) and a partner the University of Ljubljana – Faculty of Mechanical Engineering (UL-FME) in the context of HEART project data management as well as experimental and numerical work at specific work packages in on-going project."
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Dee Smith

Julien Dijol - Policy Coordinator

"HEART will be about looking for the right balance between technologies, finance and social acceptance to create a packaged solution for nearly zero energy renovation of social housing."
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HEART's second partner meeting in Lyon
HEART's partners gathered in Lyon to effectively align their objectives for each component of the projects, and to agree on future steps. Partners presented their work and visited the Lyon case study. Check out some highlights below!
#HEART partners visited the location for the Lyon case study, where Paul Sachot from our partner Est Métropole Habitat explained different aspects of the buildings, and of the case study.
EU Commission Project Officer presents important update and information on the continuous reporting and benefits of using the participant portal #HEART.
Upcoming events related to HEART
MCE 2018: Mostra Convegno Expocomfort – The Essence of Comfort Conference

13 - 16 March
Milano, Italy
Learn more
PLEA 2018: Passive and Low-Energy Architecture Conference 

10 - 12 December
Hong Kong
Learn more
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For more technical details about the HEART project:
Dr. Claudio Del Pero
Politecnico di Milano
Dept. of Architecture, Built Environment and Construction Engineering
Tel: +39 349 8571920
For interview opportunities and HEART communication:
Hadil Ayoub
Communication Assistant
Tel: +32 2 318 39 84