Energy efficient envelope technologies,
Work Package 7

1500 1000 hpadmin

This Work Package is the optimization, prototyping and testing of the energy efficient envelope technologies.
The external thermal-insulation panels will be designed and realized. Along with the panel, improvements of the fixing structure will be carried out to allow an easy installation avoiding/limiting the needs of scaffolding. A specific activity will be done to ensure the correct information interchange between the GR manufacturing process and the BIM output of the cloud-platform to ease the realization of customized panels.
The second activity aims to provide the operational guidance to assemble the existing windows frame (that can be maintained partially or totally) with a specific set of innovative cost-effective and easy-to-apply technologies such as low-thickness insulated glass units, new frame elements, shading systems or advanced coatings/films.
Finally, the activity on the optimization development of the snap-in mounting frame of the PV tiles. A specific design of the mounting accessories needed to attach the tiles to the most widespread types of roofing structures will be also carried out.