1. Ing. Alberto D’Occhio (Engineer and Technical Manager)

got his MS degree in Building Engineering at Politecnico di Milano, with a thesis on structural pathologies of glass brick walls. He is now Engineering & Technical Manager at Gualini SpA. He has a professional knowledge focused on the application of advanced technologies in building envelopes, including production and management aspects in glass and metal industry. Expert of building physics, design of glass, steel and aluminium structures, he has managed the design and construction of large projects of windows and curtain walling in Italy, France, USA and Israel. He has attended the high-level training course FACE (Façades Architecture Construction Engineering) of EURAC research, related to complex technological façades. He actively collaborates with Politecnico di Milano in research activities on innovative technologies and materials and their application to the building envelopes.

HEART is a great opportunity to create an effective system where the best energy saving technologies are integrated. As a participant of the project, I will provide Gualini’s experience connected to advanced solutions in building envelopes and windows. The result of the research will bring to the market innovative products in terms of adaptability, cost-effectiveness and easier installation, in addition to create a new generation of aware professionals capable of applying a systemic approach to renovation.

2. Ing. Isaia Albertini (Engineer)

achieved his MS degree in Building Engineering at Politecnico di Milano, with a thesis on fiber reinforced concrete. He is actually II-Level master student at Scuola Master F.lli Pesenti, in the field of seismic engineering. After experiences abroad with academic purposes (France, India), in 2014 he landed to Gualini SpA, where he covers the role of engineer, focusing on thermal and structural calculation and optimization of advanced envelopes for curtain walling applications; he has participated in the design of large projects in Italy, France and USA. His interests range from structural engineering and FEM modeling to the study and application of innovative technologies to buildings.

HEART is a unique project to overcome a fragmented approach in energy saving field, that makes the building sector a great responsible for final energy consumption. The interconnection among partners lays the foundations for the renovation of the whole design-funding-construction process. Taking part in HEART as a member of Gualini team means realizing a research network, making possible the knowledge transfer to industry and concretely contributing to innovation in technical and economic aspects of energy retrofit.

3. Ing. Claudia Trabattoni (R&D Department)

MS degree in Building Engineering at Politecnico di Milano. After a working experience in the design of ventilated façades, she has developed and discussed a thesis based on FEM analysis, with the aim of producing an innovative fixing system for claddings. She is interested in high performance building obtained through advanced materials and new technologies. She is now part of the R&D department at Gualini SpA.

HEART provides an effective response to the energy retrofit of building sector. The holistic vision is the key to realize a rationalization of interventions, increasing the energy performances while helping revalorization of existing buildings. Gualini and its R&D department are aware of the great role related to being a part of such an ambitious project and will undertake the realization of advanced techniques for the optimization of envelope solutions and for windows retrofit.