Continuous Update of the Intervention Context, Constraints and Opportunities, Work Package 2

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Progressively update the features of the HEART geographic, energy, regulatory and technological application context and of all its boundary conditions, including the economic and regulatory issues. It ensures that, along the development of the whole project, possible change/evolution of the framework due to new policies, new standards, technology advancement, etc. will be immediately taken into accounting the development of the project.


  • T2.1 Buildings retrofit market (M1-M48: ENTPE,UL, HE)
  • T2.2 Economic and regulatory context (M1-M48: POLIMI, ENTPE)
  • T2.3 Interactions between buildings and the Smart Grids (M1-M48: EURAC)
  • T2.4 Technological benchmarking process (M1-M48: ENTPE, POLIMI)
  • T2.5 Users’ needs and communication techniques (M1-M48: ENTPE, EURAC)