Contributing to the Renovation Wave!

Contributing to the Renovation Wave!

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Contributing to the Renovation Wave!

Brussels, 20/11/2020

Renovation Wave

The European Commission launched the new initiative ‘Renovation Wave’ under the EU Green Deal on 14 October, aiming to rally popular support behind plans to cut emissions from buildings and reduce energy bills. Three-quarters of Europe’s buildings are energy inefficient by modern standards and many are heated using fossil fuels. Europe’s building stock is responsible for more than a third of EU’s carbon dioxide emissions and bringing these buildings to nZEB level is integral to the EU’s plans to be carbon neutral by 2050.

Renovation Toolkits like HEART could play a crucial role in making the Renovation Wave a success by providing an integrated out of the box solution ensuring quicker, higher quality and more cost-effective building renovations. 

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Demonstration Case 1:

A social housing building being renovated using the HEART Toolkit in Bagnolo in Piano
(Reggio Emilia, North Italy)

The first building involved in the pilot project is managed by Acer (Azienda Casa Emilia-Romagna Reggio Emilia) in the province of Reggio Emilia in the North of Italy. The building is a 4-storey condominium, built-in 1985, divided into 12 apartments varying in size between 43 and 63 square meters, to which the HEART kit is being installed. 

The retrofit intervention of the Italian demo building was started in September 2019 with the retrofit of windows. Such intervention alone shows a reduction in the annual heating demand of about 16% (from 65.2 to 54.3 (kWh/m2). The other construction activities were delayed due to COVID-19 pandemic and were started late in May 2020.  In September 2020, the site activities were carried out related to the building and plumbing works of the thermal power plant, laying of the lifeline on the roof, installation of the external thermal façade system, and a part of the works necessary for installation of corrugated pipes for the distribution of electrical cables.
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Demo Case 1 in Bagnolo in Piano (North Italy)

HEART Webinar

by Housing Europe

Pre-fab and integrated renovation toolkits: an opportunity for a Renovation Wave in Social Housing?

The "Renovation Wave" requires social, public and cooperative housing providers to shift to the next gear in terms of techniques and products. They are increasingly looking at pre-fabricated and integrated renovation concepts to improve delivery speed, cost and affordability, comfort and end-user requests.

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Webinar | Pre-fab & Integrated renovation toolkits: an opportunity for social housing?

They spoke - we listened

Our partner Housing Europe asked the tenants of the two buildings that are being refurbished using the HEART Toolkit about the planned renovation.
Our findings
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Social Housing: Surfing the Renovation Wave

published by REVOLVE Magazine

The Renovation Wave and HEART projet

The Renovation Wave will be soon sweeping across Europe. Led by the European Commission as part of its Green Deal, the EU is attempting to pave the way for a decarbonized and clean energy system by revolutionizing the building sector.

The HEART project, funded by the Horizon 2020 program, is one of the harbingers of that revolution, and offering new opportunities for social housing.
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HEART at International Social Housing Festival

June 2020

During the special event 'Parcours innovation' of the International Social Housing Festival Sébastien Garnier, Housing Europe, presented the HEART project and the innovations that are developed to offer such an integrated renovation toolkit.

The use of prefabricated façade panels was then exhibited at a nearby renovation site of appartment blocks managed by social housing provider EMH, one of the Heart partners. 

This event took place on the 6th of June in Lyon (FR) and was organised by the French bank Caisse d’Épargne- GROUPE BPCE. Among the +/- 50 articipants were many local professionals from the finance, real estate, housing and municipal sector as well as researchers and students, including from the nearby ENTPE school and HEART partner as well. 

The crest of the wave

Research and international scientific literature have widely demonstrated how the fight against climate change and the reduction of emissions and energy consumption cannot disregard a substantial rethinking of the building sector. Improving solutions to upgrade building efficiency have been considerably developed and applied over the last few years. However, this is often done in an uncoordinated and fragmented manner, while in practice underestimating synergies and benefits gained through the systemic integration of the different technologies.

HEART project fits perfectly in the current debate, proposing a systemic solution that can deliver excellent results in terms of reducing fuel consumption, cutting costs, and raising the quality of life for inhabitants.
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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under grant agreement No 768921.