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Communication and Dissemination of Project Results, Work Package 10

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The main objective of this work package is to ensure the impact of the HEART results on the key target audiences for effective dissemination and communication of the project. REVOLVE will be responsible for communicating this project to stakeholders through a variety of communication channels, including online platforms, e-newsletters, press releases, and a final conference. REVOLVE will also be responsible for the overall visual identity of HEART and will function as the connection between partners, and the stakeholders of HEART.

Demonstration Activities, Work Package 9

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HEART will be installed in two different case study buildings, which were selected to be highly representative of the target application. The buildings are large multifamily buildings, one French and the other Italian.
This Work Package will carry out a detailed energy audit on the building before the retrofit interventions, to define the baseline energy performance and current users’ behaviour. This involves in-depth analysis of the features of the building envelope and of the existing technical systems.
The performance of the retrofitted building after the installation of HEART will be monitored to validate the results of the project. This Work Package will identify any discrepancies between the virtual simulation of the system its application.
Finally, specific questionnaires and interviews will be set up focusing on buildings users’ acceptance and satisfaction, starting from the beginning of the retrofit intervention until the end of the project.

Exploitation of the Project Results, Work Package 8

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The overall objective of Work Package 8 is to define a number of alternative innovative business models for exploiting the market potential of HEART for each application country. The best solutions will be found evaluating the economic sustainability of the models as well as their strengths and weaknesses. In parallel to the definition of business models, support materials will be provided with the definition of guidelines for the implementation, the integration of new components and the definition of a technology roadmap, with the aim to facilitate HEART’s European market penetration.

Energy efficient envelope technologies,
Work Package 7

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This Work Package is the optimization, prototyping and testing of the energy efficient envelope technologies.
The external thermal-insulation panels will be designed and realized. Along with the panel, improvements of the fixing structure will be carried out to allow an easy installation avoiding/limiting the needs of scaffolding. A specific activity will be done to ensure the correct information interchange between the GR manufacturing process and the BIM output of the cloud-platform to ease the realization of customized panels.
The second activity aims to provide the operational guidance to assemble the existing windows frame (that can be maintained partially or totally) with a specific set of innovative cost-effective and easy-to-apply technologies such as low-thickness insulated glass units, new frame elements, shading systems or advanced coatings/films.
Finally, the activity on the optimization development of the snap-in mounting frame of the PV tiles. A specific design of the mounting accessories needed to attach the tiles to the most widespread types of roofing structures will be also carried out.

Decision Support System and Building Energy Management System, Work Package 4

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This package aims to provide an operational tool that will make the building retrofit decision-making easier, from the design phase to the operational phase.
Data on variables including energy efficiency, cost-optimization, life cycle assessment & costing and indoor environment quality will be collected, integrated into the Chorus platform for processing and analysis, and relevant data-driven insights delivered to the platform user.
This will allow the university to refine their models, the manufacturer to adjust their parameters and the tenants of the buildings to become actively involved in their energy management process.
Security and privacy issues will also be considered, to enable an effective and safe use of the platform by the multiple stakeholders.

Integrated Optimization of the Whole System, Work Package 3

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The aim of this Work Package is to carry out all the activities related to the phase of optimization and pre-construction development of HEART and thus ensure the synergic integration among all the different subcomponents. In detail, according to the features of the existing components/solutions of each Consortium partner and on the basis of the continuous inputs of Work Package 2, the task will optimize technical specifications of each element of the system to allow its synergic integration, carefully considering the constraints set out by each partner. The Work Package will also evaluate the life cycle environmental and cost performance of the components and the entire system to be developed.

Continuous Update of the Intervention Context, Constraints and Opportunities, Work Package 2

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Progressively update the features of the HEART geographic, energy, regulatory and technological application context and of all its boundary conditions, including the economic and regulatory issues. It ensures that, along the development of the whole project, possible change/evolution of the framework due to new policies, new standards, technology advancement, etc. will be immediately taken into accounting the development of the project.


  • T2.1 Buildings retrofit market (M1-M48: ENTPE,UL, HE)
  • T2.2 Economic and regulatory context (M1-M48: POLIMI, ENTPE)
  • T2.3 Interactions between buildings and the Smart Grids (M1-M48: EURAC)
  • T2.4 Technological benchmarking process (M1-M48: ENTPE, POLIMI)
  • T2.5 Users’ needs and communication techniques (M1-M48: ENTPE, EURAC)

Scientific and Administrative Project Management, Work Package 1

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Work Package 1 activities aim to support the synergic work of the transdisciplinary team of scientists/SMEs/technicians, in order to adapt and improve the different technologies and methodologies included in the project, according to a holistic logic. This WP will also ensure HEART’s administrative management.